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🔥 Unstoppable : The Mentorship 🔥

I’ll be here to guide you, to light a pleasure filled path for you to grow your business (perhaps alongside your growing family), to create a space of safety for you to surrender to your high level creative feminine who is able to create EVERYTHING she desires.

Chances are, I’ll get to support you through a lot over the next 90 days including:

✅ Cultivating harmony & flow in achieving what you desire in biz (over adrenaline based biz model)

✅ Generating momentum, motivation & excitement that’s real & repeatable

✅ Shifting your money mindset & your natural selling style to one where it’s enjoyable to sell your offerings

✅ Continuing to craft words, messaging and content that resonates with your dream clients

✅ Ensure your offerings are Intentionally sound & energetically backed

✅ Marketing that’s ethical, joyful, really flippin true to you & sustainable (burnout free)

✅ Tapping into your creative magic & creating impact – in your biz as well as in yourself, your family, your community.

The structure:

🔥60 min strategy session

🔥 Fortnightly 1:1 calls

🔥Unlimited access to me via a voice messaging app (Voxer)

High level attention + high level value at a more accessible price point than my usual mentorships.

Applications are now open for the Unstoppable Mentorship.

To book a fee and obligation free 30 minute cuppa to see if we would create magic together,  book here.

PS if there’s no available space, please send me a message

via Instagram here xx