THE room for coaches to create multi 4-figure months while leading a pleasure-filled life.





You’re a great coach and your clients get great results.

You’re already taking bold action in your business – sharing to your stories, going live on instagram, creating offerings and selling them online. 

You’ve had some client sign ups to your free or small investment offerings, you’ve been invited to speak on podcasts or collaborate with others in your industry, and you’ve gotten testimonials you’re proud of.

But the financial results you’re creating in your business aren’t yet matching how much you’re putting into it:

❌ you’re not making the amount of money you desire,

❌ sales are slow and inconsistent,

❌ you’re not feeling in control of creating your financial results,

❌ showing up taking consistent action feels hard to maintain

And trying to grow your business to consistent multi 4 figure cash months feels overwhelming and oh-so NOT pleasurable.

You might be secretly worrying that hustle and grind is the only solution to getting better results, but you don’t have the capacity or desire to work that way, and you know it’s not sustainable or the right way for you.

You’re right – there’s a much better way;

the way of the Pleasurepreneur.


As a Pleasurepreneur, you:

  • Feel clear, confident, and excited to sell your offerings, instead of feeling pushy.
  • Attract clients effortlessly by showing up authentically and sharing what you offer
  • Have swapped selling numerous low-cost offerings and endless promotion, for high-ticket offerings that 10x your income without 10x’ing your effort.
  • Are so fulfilled working with your ideal clients that you become a lit-up, happier version of yourself; becoming the fun mum who no longer sweats the small stuff.
  • Have the time and energy to be fully present with your family & your passions outside of your biz, where slow mornings snuggling your babies in bed, easy afternoons together and time for hobbies don’t disrupt your business growth, but are possible because of it. 
  • Creates multiple 4 figure months as an in-demand coach, making stacks of cash for an annual family holiday, the good skincare, not needing to check your accounts in the grocery store or prioritise your purchases again.
  • Feels deep presence, pleasure and appreciation on the growth journey of your business, anchored in the enjoyment and celebration of it all, not solely attached to sales metrics.


And you’re ready to go ALL IN.


I launched my business after recovering from perinatal mood disorders, with two kids under 3, and a fear of burnout. I promised myself I’d run my business from a place of pleasure and desire, avoiding depletion and stress.

I didn’t know how I’d achieve multi 4 figure months staying true to this vision as a stay-at-home mum, but I believed it was possible.

As a result, I created the Pleasurepreneur way that allowed me to build a business that generates multi 4 figure months in small windows of time, spending the rest of my time surfing, enjoying my family and friends and drinking coffee in the sun.

My business lights me up, and the Pleasurepreneur approach has proven its worth, both in and out of business.

Not only was I able to grow my client list alongside my growing family, I wrote and published my first book A Mother’s Pleasure, which hit the top 10 list on Amazon (Motherhood Category) with 3 kids under 6 in a way that felt like self care over sacrifice.

I have created a pleasure-filled life, earning multi 4 and 5 figure months as an in-demand coach and I’m going to teach you my Pleasurepreneur Process in the Mastermind so that you make these kind of results inevitable.

What You’ll Learn in The Pleasurepreneur Mastermind:

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use desire and pleasure to uncover your unique strategy, fast track your results and feel more YOU than ever before
  • Develop an offer you’re obsessed with that creates multi 4-figure months without you having to hustle and be online hours a day.
  • Identify your dream client and write clear, attractive messaging that makes you the coach they have to hire.
  • Create high-value, scroll-stopping social content that has people buy.
  • Enhance your selling skills and love for selling by removing subconscious blocks, enabling you to sell with confidence and conviction.
  • Develop a unique selling style that attracts clients repeatedly without it feeling pushy, complicated, or stressful.
  • Simplify your schedule and the way you work by focussing only on money-making, client-creating actions, freeing up time and energy for what matters most to you.


This is for you if:


✅ You want to be the coach your ideal client has to hire

✅ You want to make multi 4 fig months with a solid high ticket offer (>$1000)

✅ You are all-in on your business and have ~ 5 hours+/week available for it

You’re already taking action in your business, creating and sharing your offerings online. 

✅ You want to grow your business without sacrificing your wellbeing, connection with loved ones or your top values

✅ You want to be part of an intimate community of like minded women, who share similar goals, support and celebrate each other

✅ You’re willing to learn how to sell in an authentic, service-providing way

This is not for you if:


❌ You want to offer lots of small ticket/low-cost offerings

❌ You’re on the fence about whether to pursue your business dreams or not

❌ You want a done for you formula that doesn’t take into consideration who you are and what you desire

❌ You aren’t prepared to take focussed, aligned-to-your-desires action throughout the next 5 months

❌ You prefer 1:1 coaching and don’t want to be in a group

❌ You want to stay where you are in business for the rest of this year

Enrolment Bonuses & Inclusions:

The sooner you apply and enrol, the more bonuses you receive, including:

Access into the Voxer Group + Get Coached NOW. We’re already coaching inside Voxer and you get access from the moment you enrol.

2 x Bonus Coaching Calls: Saturday July 13th & 20th

Accelerator Week, July 22 (Mastermind Wk 1): 3 x coaching sessions to workshop your offer, your ideal client and your natural selling strategy to create clarity, confidence and conviction from week 1.

  1. Workshop 1 : The Offer – Monday 22nd 12pm,
  2. Workshop 2 : The Client – Wednesday 24th 12pm
  3. Workshop 3 : The Sell – Thursday 25th 11am

3 x BONUS Masterclasses during the Mastermind:

  1. In-Demand Freebies : create an uber valuable, no-brainer freebie that sends your ideal clients straight to you
  2. Content Overhaul : Create connection, build trust & make sales with content
  3. Converting Consult : Master your consult calls, sign your dream clients.

The Mastermind inclusions:

    • Weekly Coaching Calls : Wednesday 12pm AEST
    • Unlimited access to the group Voxer, Regan coaching inside on Mondays and Thursdays.
    • BTS Bonus Drop-Ins from Regan
    • Regular reviews of your copy for socials content, website, newsletters etc

The Investment: 

  • Save $200 and pay in full : $3.3k or
  • 5 x monthly payments of $699