A Mother’s Pleasure is your modern guide to summoning your sensuality, connecting with your goddess energy, and weaving pleasure into the very fabric of your life.

Regan Figg sees motherhood not as a place where you lose yourself but a place of opportunity.

An exercise physiologist and former health and wellness coach, Regan unexpectedly experienced post-natal depression and anxiety after the birth of her fist son. She began to investigate the common challenges women face in a society that fails to value the role of mother.

In A Mother’s Pleasure, Regan shares how she was able to break free from societal conditioning and expectation, and craft a life for herself and her family that’s synonymous with pleasure, joy, fulfilment and contentment

A Mother’s Pleasure is available now from your favourite online retailer, and all good book stores.

Inside, you’ll find practices and prompts that will support you to:

  • Rediscover and embody who you truly are
  • Weave self-care into your life effortlessly
  • Honour your desires and let them guide your life path
  • Use pleasure as a tool for transformation and personal growth
  • Say yes to receiving (without the mama guilt)
  • Develop deep reverence for your body
  • Achieve greater ease and pleasure in your days
  • Be the mum you want to be (not the one society thinks you should be)
  • Help create a more supportive culture for future mothers


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