Doors to The Pleasure Project are now closed but the waitlist for the next round is OPEN. Add yourself to the waitlist if you’re ready to summon your sensuality, connect with your Goddess energy and weave pleasure into the very fabric of your motherhood experience.


The Pleasure Project is a month long immersive experience, where you dive deep into the book A Mother’s Pleasure. You will have access to the author and coach Regan Figg, to support you through integrating the unique concepts, content, practices and prompts that are custom-designed for you (and other mothers) to: 

  • Rediscover and embody who you truly are
  • Weave self-care into your life effortlessly 
  • Honour your desires and let them guide your life path
  • Use pleasure as a tool for transformation and personal growth
  • Say yes to receiving (without the mama guilt)
  • Develop deep reverence for your body
  • Achieve greater ease and pleasure in your days
  • Be the mum you want to be (not the one society thinks you should be)
  • Help create a more supportive culture for future mothers


  • 4 hours of On-Demand audio “Pleasure Drops” one per chapter at approx. 20mins each in a private podcast format
  • Daily access to Regan in Voxer (text and audio app)
  • Weekly access to Regan in a group coaching setting for up to 90 minutes


The finer details:

  • Early 2023 start (TBC)
  • The book A Mother’s Pleasure is not required but will be extremely beneficial
  • 4 x 90 min Live Zoom trainings, replays available
  • 4 hours of on-demand audio trainings
  • Daily Voxer access

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