Here you will feel NURTURED, a deep level of RELAXATION, CONNECTION with yourself and an intimate tribe of women ‘on retreat’. You will become CLEAR ON WHAT LIGHTS YOU UP, and how to get there, and remember how to BE, INSTEAD OF DO.


If a delicious retreat that soothes your tired soul is what you need, but planning a weekend away sends you to a whole new level of exhaustion, than this is the perfect offering for you.
It’s a Retreat, rationed out over six weeks, providing you with the nurturing you deserve and the tools you need to be more present, create contentment, release the guilt of receiving and live in alignment with what You need outside of ‘Retreat’. None of this being-thrown-back-in-the-deep-end-after-a-weekend-retreat to only end up exhausted, dissatisfied and overwhelmed all over again.
You will integrate each weekly lesson into your life so once it’s ended you’re not only closer to bliss, but you have the skills to carry this feeling long into the future.

“Regan is an unassuming spiritual soul who has helped me find meaning in quite a dark moment of my life. The Rationed Retreat was a perfect introduction into personal journalling, relaxing guided meditation, gentle yoga and women’s circle topics. The retreat helped me to refill my cup and perform some self care, which is essential to being the best possible self I can be.  Thank you Regan, I will be joining you again on your next retreat.”

Jane, Mama of 2 and Part-time Teacher

“I initially went to The Rationed Retreat to do a bit of Yoga.  Upon first sharing in the circle I thought that I was across everything in my life at the moment, but soon realised that when I scratched the surface there were a few things I needed to acknowledge.  I became aware of the fact that I unconsciously compare my own achievements to those of other women and feel undervalued by the rest of society as a stay at home mum.  Thank you Regan, for creating the safe space to recognise these negative thought patterns and setting me on a road to rectifying this.  I would recommend The Rationed Retreat to anyone looking to refocus their energy on the things that matter in life.”

Kate, Stay at Home Mama of 2


12hrs of guided practices & coaching

Intimate journey of max. 6 women

Weekly take home/ online extras to continue your evolution ‘outside’ of Retreat

Yoga + Relaxation + Ritual + Pranayama + Meditation + Journalling + Mentoring

Wednesday Evenings from 7:30pm
Oct 30 & Nov 6, 13, 20, 27 & Dec 4

Private Studio

$199 Investment

Payment plans offered, just ask.