Biz Mama SYNERGY is when business and motherhood both flourish, not in spite of each other, but because of each other.




Where your business and motherhood get to feel like cogs working together, instead of an impossible balancing act.




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Business Mama SYNERGY is when:

You are focussed and productive in the little windows you have in your business

You are present to, and relish in, the time you have with your kids.

Creativity is flowing, energy is invigorated, and nervous system soothed because you know how to blend biz and mamahood together in a way that fulfils you and supports your personal desires, values and constitution

Hidden time is freed up and utilised effectively because you know how to feel worthy of time for yourself and your business (even when you’re not making the money yet)

You feel unstoppable in business whilst still prioritising your family first.

You have more energy because you’re “winning” where it counts for you and your family.

You feel a sense of satisfaction and confidence from being able to make the most of your time, energy, attention, finances and more.


  • Take-home tangible synergy-creating skills. 
  • Practical, simple strategies.
  • Many ah-ha moments and real life advice from this mama who developed her biz in the middle of having 3 kids in 4.5 years

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The finer details below.

If you’re reading this then chances are you’re a devoted mama and your kids mean the world to you, AND there’s a desire to devote yourself to, and succeed in, something outside of motherhood – a creative project or business (or an idea of one).

Chances are you’d like to build more momentum AND you don’t want that to take you away from your littles, and what matters to you most.

Chances are you’d like your business to grow bigger, move faster BUT you’re scared of over committing yourself and fear wasting precious time with your kids if you’re not “successful”.

Chances are you’ve got a deep knowing and burning desire for this business AND sometimes the practical logistics feel too tricky to navigate with little humans who are dependant on you.

But when you connect with your business or project it lights you up,

When you meet with your clients or show up for your work you know it’s where you’re meant to be,

When you reconnect with your kids after being with your biz you feel lighter, laugh easier, you’re happy to play their pretend games with them.

When you make a difference, make a sale, make yourself proud, you know it’s worth it.

You just have to work out how to blend business and motherhood together.

You know it’s possible, you just don’t know how!

The good news is I do.

And I’m going to share what I know about it with you.

Over an entire week.

I’m giving you ALL the practical advice I wish I’d received.

I’m giving you ALL the answers to the problems specific to the devoted mama who also wants to grow her business or creative project.

And I’m giving it all to you, for FREE.

We start Friday 9th June.

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  • 2 x 45 min Zoom trainings (12/13 Jun)
  • 1 x 45 min Q & A (14 Jun)
  • 1 full week access into the Synergy Voxer group (9 – 16 Jun).
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