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What it means to be a Pleasurepreneur.

She knows that when she follows what feels good, it creates an energy that is magnetic.

She draws opportunities, money, people, short
cuts, ideas and experiences to her not simply by what she does, but by how she BE.

She knows how to blend force and flow.

How to let her masculine build strong systems and foundations and her feminine power her drive, inspiration, ideas, decisions and creativity.

She knows the power of factoring in and following her pleasure, tuning into and mastering her energy. She’s bolstered by a force greater than her, supporting her to reach her desired destiny, feeling anchored whilst having creative expression.

A Pleasurepreneur is no energetic victim to a lack of engagement, a slow start to growth, disappointment or downturn. She doesn’t drain her energy looking outside to what everyone else is doing, comparing herself to her peers, following some formula, staying in the lines of what’s already been done.

She’s a thought leader and an ENERGY LEADER. She’s the one who will be able to be of service for a lifetime, not just a season.

She does things differently to most and knows how uniquely potent and powerful her energy is so she’s not worried about competition or not “making it”, not getting to where she wants to go.

The Pleasurepreneur is creating a new way for women to succeed in doing their work in the world, whilst making it a better place.

Join us to learn the ways of the Pleasurepreneur


Here you will feel further from frustration and closer to BLISS, a deep level of CLARITY, CONNECTION with yourself, your feminine essence and an intimate circle of women over flowing their cups. You will become clear on WHAT LIGHTS YOU UP, and how to get there, and remember how to BE, INSTEAD OF DO.

It’s a course that destroys all of the things that stop you from having an overflowing cup and guides you to your inner intelligence to get what you want out of life. It’s 5 weeks with a community of like hearted, like minded women ready to play, to:



feeling frustrated,

being resentful,

operating predominantly from your head/masculine energy,

yelling at your child/partner/loved ones,

being a victim to your emotions and those off your child/partner/loved ones’ emotions

riding the roller coaster of anxiety,

spending your days stressed out

seeing yourself or your emotions as a problem to be fixed



chilling the f^$k out

having more patience

being more present,

prioritising yourself,

enjoying your children/loved ones,

seeking & accepting pleasure,

loving yourself,

getting grounded

feeling blessed AF

having energy to expend however the f&$k you want

After this course you’ll have gotten past the obstacles that keep you tired, anxious and resentful and have tools you need to be more present, create contentment, release the guilt of receiving and live in alignment with what YOUR values are.


You will integrate each weekly lesson into your life so once this round is complete you’re not only closer to bliss and revealing of your true self, but you have the skills to carry this feeling long into the future, and have a lifetime membership to join each new evolution of Overflow.


You’ll have the resources you need, for the nurturing you deserve, for the rest of your life. There’s no wagon to fall off. Take what you need, do what you can, return to it when you want and collect more gems relevant to you and your evolution throughout the journey and with each new round – you get lifetime access.


Dip In Sessions

I will hold sacred space for you to explore yourself and your inner world. 

We dip in to whatever it is you want, to allow you to shift into the next level version of yourself in whatever area of your life that might be.

I create a unique ‘recipe‘ for our session that is as unique as each woman in front of me, calling on various practices, frameworks, experiences and studies of Tao Tantric Arts, Life Coaching, Sensual Embodiment, Womanly Arts, Yoga, Meditation, and Exercise Physiology.

Don’t expect me to Heal you, expect me to guide you to a place to Reveal you.

Don’t expect a list of goals, and steps to get there, expect an almost multidimensional way of getting to what you want, without it feeling like hard work.

Everything you need is already within you and sometimes a clear mirror, a new perspective and some powerful questions are all that’s needed to untangle what feels tangled and and create a delicious way forward to a new reality of your desires. 

The world is a better place when women are lit up. When they can feel desire, and inspiration and be the creators they were designed to be, whether that be creating a meal, a family, an outfit, a project, a business, or the life of their dreams, it is our feminine essence that brings us the life force energy we need to do this.

Be prepared to experience more pleasure and peace in everyday moments, improve your connection with your body, your Goddess and your intuition and align yourself to Your unique values, not the “shoulds.”


 My Story.

In 2016 I found myself being diagnosed with Post Natal Depression in my first son’s first year earth side, which for me, was a shock, and to be honest a diagnosis I wasn’t happy about. I’d practiced yoga and meditation for over 15 years, teaching for close to 3 years by the time my son was born, why couldn’t I weave my yogic teachings into my life as a mother? I’m an exercise physiologist, I’ve studied neurology, physiology, biology – I knew about the hormonal changes, physiology of pregnancy and birth and the neurology of the mama brain, but why didn’t that help me cope with it actually happening within my body? Working as a health and wellness coach and coordinator for years didn’t seem to really help either, I knew the importance of healthy eating and exercise but I had a lot more trouble than I expected looking after myself whilst looking after my son. Being a successful woman at work and at home I’d assumed I could translate this to motherhood, independently, without any help just as I would have with my previous roles.

I now know (and am still learning) that there is a better way that we can prepare for motherhood and a better way to weave ourselves through life and business, whilst becoming the women we’ve come here to be.

I share what I know with my clients in private 1:1 online sessions and in online group journeys – take a look at the menu for what’s currently on offer.

You’ll also get a feel for my energy, my approach and the ways I see the world via my socials. I’m regularly sharing via IGTVS & posts on my Instagram page as well as Live trainings and what’s hot on my heart on my Facebook Page.

Come and say hi!


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