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Your modern guide to summoning your sensuality, connecting with your goddess energy, and weaving pleasure into the very fabric of your life.


The Pleasure Collective with Regan Figg is where we go deep into all things pleasure and experiencing life through a lens of ecstasy.


Some of my signature group programs put together to create a capsule of community and pleasure to fill your cup.


Ready to work with me 1:1, get direct access to me for insight that’s honed and relevant to your life. Let’s get started!


What does it mean to be a Pleasurepreneur?

She draws opportunities, money, people, short cuts, ideas and experiences to her not simply by what she does, but by who she be.

She knows how to blend force and flow, harmonise home life and work life, and experience life through the lens of ecstasy.

She knows the power of following her desires and leading with pleasure, tuning into and mastering her energy. She’s bolstered by a force greater than her, supporting her to reach her desired destiny, feeling anchored whilst having creative expression.

The Pleasurepreneur is creating a new way for women to succeed in doing their work in the world, whilst making it a better place.