The Pleasurepreneur is a thought leader, an energy leader, the one who is able to be of service for a lifetime, not a season.

What does it mean to be a Pleasurepreneur?

She draws opportunities, money, people, short cuts, ideas and experiences to her not simply by what she does, but by who she be.

She knows how to blend force and flow, harmonise home life and work life, and experience life through the lens of ecstasy.

She knows the power of following her desires and leading with pleasure, tuning into and mastering her energy. She’s bolstered by a force greater than her, supporting her to reach her desired destiny, feeling anchored whilst having creative expression.

The Pleasurepreneur is creating a new way for women to succeed in doing their work in the world, whilst making it a better place.


The Divine Daily Duties

In 2016 I found myself being diagnosed with Post Natal Depression in my first son’s first year earth side, which for me, was a shock, and to be honest a diagnosis I wasn’t happy about. I’d practiced yoga and meditation for over 15 years, teaching for close to 3 years by the time my son was born, why couldn’t I weave my yogic teachings into my life as a mother? I’m an exercise physiologist, I’ve studied neurology, physiology, biology – I knew about the hormonal changes, physiology of pregnancy and birth and the neurology of the mama brain, but why didn’t that help me cope with it actually happening within my body? Working as a health and wellness coach and coordinator for years didn’t seem to really help either, I knew the importance of healthy eating and exercise but I had a lot more trouble than I expected looking after myself whilst looking after my son. Being a successful woman at work and at home I’d assumed I could translate this to motherhood, independently, without any help just as I would have with my previous roles. I now know (and am still learning) that there is a better way that we can prepare for motherhood and a better way to weave ourselves through life and business, whilst becoming the women we’ve come here to be.