“When you anchor into your desires, you can make them a reality”


Regan Figg

Be Guided by Your Goddess

Do you feel a yearning, a craving for something more?

Do you have a niggle that there’s a power inside of you waiting to be explored and unleashed? Something potent simmering but not yet reflected in your outsideworld?

Do you find it hard to trust yourself, know what you want, make decisions, manage your energy, access your intuition, set your boundaries?

Do you fear continuing life as you are is going to leave you feeling listless, just moving along with the current, maybe even exhausted, overwhelmed or unfulfilled? 

Are you embarking on a transformational journey? Maybe that’s in relation to your own business, motherhood, mental, spiritual or physical evolution, or from where you’re at in life now to the next level version of you.

Do you believe that you were destined for more?

I hear you. I know. I have been here too. In fact many women are here with you. Don’t worry, I got you. You’re in the right place.


We’ve subscribed to masculine ways of being, and neglected our feminine for too long.

We’ve pushed and pushed, and accomplished and proven we are more than capable and we’re still not “good enough”, especially in our own minds.

Enough of “not good enough”.


It’s time we remembered. Remembered how powerful we are when we live from our feminine essence.


It’s time we remembered how powerful we are when we anchor into who we are, when we’re guided by our Goddess, and Set Sail into a journey of our desires, without crippling self doubt, self criticism, without feeling unsure of ourselves and searching for all of the answers outside of us.

It’s time we did it our way, the feminine way, in a way that feels abundant and nourishing, and energising and juicy AF with other women sailing along with us.

It’s time to create a solid foundation of knowing yourself, reconnecting with your body and your feminine essence and accessing your inner wisdom to be guided to an aligned evolution of Self. And feeling more like your true self than ever before.


Not just because it’s a possibility, but because it’s our responsibility.


The world is a better place when women are lit up. When they can feel desire, and inspiration and be the creators they were designed to be, whether that be creating a business, a meal, a family, an outfit, a project or a life of their dreams, it is our feminine essence that brings us the life force energy we need to do this.

When we honour and live from our feminine essence we come alive, and we allow those around us to do the same.

When we can harmonise our feminine and masculine energies we are not left feeling exhausted, stressed, unfulfilled, depressed.

When we can cultivate more of our feminine energy we begin to tap into desire, to feel inspired and create magic.


It’s time to create a solid foundation of knowing yourself, reconnecting with your body and your feminine essence and accessing your inner wisdom to be guided to an aligned evolution of Self.

What you get: 

Option One – Anchor on it’s own

>>> 5 week online journey

>>> 5 x weekly Live Trainings

>>> Bonus intuitive movement/embodiment sessions

>>> Immediate Access to a private Super Yacht (of a Facebook group) to Anchor, Remember and Set Sail together

>>> VIP access to me in said yacht for Q & A times

>>> Unscheduled bonus bits

Course $333 (or 4 x $88 payments)

VIP Luxury Yacht upgrade : Continuous 1:1 coaching and integration support via Voxer for 4 weeks after the course completion and a 60 minute 1:1 online coaching call.

Contact Regan to Apply.

Option Two – Anchor plus Overflow

When you’ve finished Anchor, Set Sail into Overflow where you get to Wo-man your ship in a way that has never felt so good, from a place of abundant overflow, where you transform with sensuality, life force energy and let your Goddess guide you to beautiful unchartered waters of your heart’s desires.

Overflow Begins November 2020 and is a 4 week journey,  totalling 10 weeks together (including 1 week of integration).

$555 (or 6 payments of $99)