Doors have closed for this round. 

IF you’d like to be notified if this program runs again, please contact Regan via Instagram or to advise. 

Are you ready to swoon?


Are you ready to recognise the resonance and the rapture of your body, and relish in it?

To find a haven inside your mind, not a minefield of too much’s, not enough’s, and never going to add up’s?

To look in the mirror and find reverence for your reflection and appreciation for your abilities?

To honour your unique resonant hum, of powerful energy, of intuitive insight, of bodily wisdom – to know it, and flow with it?

To land in your body and be satiated by the safety & sanctuary that’s there?

To create a default of liberation over limitation, expression over repression, pleasure over productivity and for it not be exceptional, but for it be expected?

I invite you to join me in SWOON as I share some of my life’s work – the “how to’s” I’ve learned along the way back home to myself.



It’s less about transformation, & more about reclamation.

It’s less about learning, & more about experiencing.  




Spare me the details, I’m ready!


SWOON + Private 1:1 Voxer mentoring

(from the day you enrol until program completion)

Swoon 6 Week Experience

For every time you were taken advantage of, 


For every time you carried the world on your shoulders,

For every time you were pushed to breaking point, 

For every time you were forced from your inner knowing, 

For every time you were mis-lead, 

For every time you were unsupported, 

For every time you were told you were too much, or not enough,

And you knew you deserved better.

You did deserve better.

And you get to give “better” back to you.


And forever, using what you’ll experience over the next 6 weeks in SWOON.



SWOON ~ Be Enchanted By You


6 weeks of recognising how swoon-worthy you are – all of you

6 Weeks of loving on yourself like never before

6 weeks of getting to be enchanted by the gloriousness that is you.

6 six weeks of reclaiming every part of you that you were ever told doesn’t belong

6 weeks of experiences to SWOON over YOU.

It begins here – asking your sovereign self if this is calling you?

Hint : your body holds the answer.

Second hint : if you’ve got no clue what your body is saying then this is exactly the right container where you can begin to learn how to listen to her – she holds more wisdom than you could ever think of.


I am IN! 


SWOON + Private 1:1 Voxer mentoring

(from the day you enrol until program completion)


Swoon 6 Week Experience