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You’re a great coach and your clients get great results.

You’re already taking bold action in your business – sharing to your stories, going live on instagram, creating offerings and selling them online. 

You’ve had some client sign ups to your free or small investment offerings, you’ve been invited to speak on podcasts or collaborate with others in your industry, and you’ve gotten testimonials you’re proud of.

But the results you’re creating in your business aren’t yet matching how much you’re putting into it:

❌ you’re not making the amount of money you desire,

❌ sales are slow,

❌ income is inconsistent and

❌ you’re not feeling in control of creating your results. 

And trying to grow your business beyond this feels hard, confusing, and oh-so NOT pleasurable. You might be secretly worrying that hustle and grind is the only solution to getting better results, but you don’t have the capacity or desire to work that way, and you know it’s not sustainable or the right way for you.

worry you have to hustle and grind to get better results, but you don’t have the capacity or the desire to. 

You know it’s not sustainable or the right way for you, 

You’re right, there’s a much better way and it’s called:


The Pleasurepreneur Pathway

You’re ready to become the Pleasurepreneur by:

  • Feeling clear, confident, and excited to sell your offerings, call in clients with a sense of ease, showing up on insta looking forward to sharing what you have to offer, instead of feeling pushy.
  • Shifting from small investment offerings and endless promotion, to high ticket offerings that 10 x’s your income, without 10 x ing your effort and pleasure built into your strategy.
  • Being so lit-up working with your ideal clients, feeling fulfilled knowing you’re making a positive impact on the world doing what you love and what you’re good at.
  • Having the time and energy to be fully present with your family & your passions outside of your biz, where slow mornings snuggling your babies in bed, easy afternoons together and time for hobbies don’t disrupt your business growth, but are possible because of it. 
  • Defying the assumed need for hustle and grind to create a luscious business / life balance – one that you knew was possible and you’re ready to claim. 
  • Creating multiple 4 figure months as an in-demand coach, making stacks of cash to book the annual family holiday, buy the good skincare, not needing to check your accounts in the grocery store or prioritise your purchases again.
  • Feeling deep presence, pleasure and appreciation on the growth journey of your business, anchored in the enjoyment and celebration of it all, not solely attached to sales metrics.


And you’re ready to go ALL IN.

About me

I have just celebrated my second 15k month, working ~10 hours/week, spending most of my week with my family, surfing or drinking coffee in the sun. 

I launched my business committed to operating it with pleasure from day 1.  I discovered how to grow and run a sustainable business in little windows of time, with the energetic capacity available to me as the primary caregiver to our 3 kids all born within 4.5 years. 

Whilst growing my business (and bank balance) alongside my growing family, I wrote and published my first book A Mother’s Pleasure, which hit the top 10 list on Amazon (Motherhood Category).

And in my FREE 5 day Masterclass I’m going to show you the exact pleasure-full process to get there – to become The Pleasurepreneur. 

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The finer details:

We’re meeting June 24-28 everyday @ 11am for 45 min Live Zoom trainings:


  • Day 1 – Welcome + uncover your Pleasurepreneur Blueprint
  • Day 2 – Learn how to design an offer to create multi 4-fig months
  • Day 3 – Learn who is your ideal client & how to call them in with ease
  • Day 4 – Learn how to sell with Pleasure, without feeling pushy
  • Day 5 – Wrap up + Q & A

PLUS access into the Pleasurepreneur Pathway Voxer group for daily actions & exclusive conversations