Maybe we’ve been looking at this the wrong way. Maybe it’s not that our spirituality has become stagnant since joining the all consuming club of motherhood. Maybe we’ve been forced to drop away from the external practices that have evolved our spirituality until this point and discover a new way of evolving spiritually, a way that looks a lot different to anything we’ve done before. Maybe it is through the process and lessons we learn on our mothering journey that are what will continue our evolution to enlightenment?
It’s been entertaining for me, recently considering the contrast of life as a mother of one compared to me as a mother of two. Second time around I have creative juices pouring out of me. I actually cannot stop myself from developing my ideas into events, courses and coaching opportunities where I can be of service, where I can complete my ‘divine assignment’. First time there were no creative juices, there was no calling to be of service, to show up for others. I did not allow myself to be truly seen in my own home let alone be seen to the world. In order to go ahead with any of these offerings I have had to be vulnerable and I’ve had to do the work to get here. That work was not on a yoga mat or in a temple or amongst crystals and candles it was (mostly) in my PJ’s in my own home with my greatest but some what spewy teacher, my son. You see when he was born I was going to sail through motherhood, I would always meet my sons needs, and no one else was to do that, this was my duty of course. I was going to be the Mum who always coped, the house would always be clean and dinners would always be delicious and nutritious because it can’t be that hard right?! That was a lovely notion but not a helpful one. Cue Post Natal depression around the 7 month mark.
For me PND was the lesson that I had to have in order for me to grow – emotionally and spiritually. One of the things I needed to learn was that in order for me to evolve I had to be vulnerable, to ask for help, to show myself when I wasn’t perfect. To be vulnerable as a woman now, I had to be vulnerable as a mother first. Motherhood gave me the opportunity to do the work. I think this is what they mean when they say that our children are our teachers. And maybe my offerings won’t change the world or resonate with every mother on the planet but that’s just what being vulnerable is all about. Second time round the (mother) hood I’ve invited the shit to hit the fan, I’ve allowed myself to fall to pieces, I’ve expected the hard times to hit and have dug deep with anything I can find in my spiritual tool kit to get through whatever it is I need to get through because now I get it, I know that I’m not ‘just a mum’ I’m not simply raising children, I am evolving and on my spiritual journey and this shit is enlightening.

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