A Mother's Pleasure - Coming Soon

A guide to redefining motherhood


A sanctuary to lean in, open up, stretch out and connect with the woman behind the mother and a tribe of like minded women.

You’re busy, you look after everyone else in the family, you get to the end of the week/month/year and realise there’s not been any space to just be you but don’t know where to start, or where to find the time. Our offerings are designed to weave into your life, helping you blossom along the way, without having to feel like it’s something moreto add to your plate but if you continue on the same path, you’ll get further from the woman you once knew or thought you could become. Here you will find a nurturing space with a range of events, programs and retreats for mamas and mamas to be. Let us nurture you with our offerings so you can show up as the best woman you can be.


Retreats – Events – Programs

For the Mama who needs to recharge without having to find and plan for a whole weekend away from the family.

This is a retreat rationed out over 4 weeks enabling you to fill up your cup without the hassle of having to organise (and find the time for) a whole weekend away. On retreat you will; have space to stretch and breathe, uncover what lights you up, discover how to nurture yourself alongside your day to day life as mama, connect with like minded women on the same journey and at the very least a legit reason to get out of the house on your own!

The retreat includes Yoga + Relaxation + Ritual + Sharing Circle + more. Each week you’re invited to explore different themes based on Yogic philosophies, that we’ll integrate on retreat and into daily mamahood to rediscover the woman behind the mother.


A retreat for the Mama to be who wants to be nurtured, prepare for a positive birth and a divine debut into mamahood.

This is the retreat we wish was available when we were pregnant! Today there’s so much focus on what to buy, organise and to prepare for for the baby after birth but what about the birth of the mother?

During this retreat not only will you be nurtured and nourished the whole weekend, but you will learn how to support yourself and bub during later stages of pregnancy, best prepare for a positive birth, and arm yourself with a no-bullshit toolkit to make the start of your motherhood journey a smooth and joyful one.

Teachings are lovingly delivered by a number of passionate professionals including pre/post natal yoga instructor, Exercise physiologist, Doula, Nutritionist and Midwife.  

*This is not just for brand new mamas. If this is your second or subsequent baby chances are you haven’t had the time you’d like to focus on and deeply connect with bubba #2/3/4… you know what’s coming, take this opportunity now.

For the mama to be desiring some heart centred, positive connection and conversation around pregnancy and birth.

Share and hear stories, expertise and positivity about child birth at our monthly Positive Birth Movement meet ups with guest attendees including doulas, midwives, birth photographers and of course mamas opening up about their experiences OR be introduced to material and a community that educates, inspires, evokes thought and provides a safe haven free from judgement for discussion and connection at our monthly Birthing Book Club.


 My Story.

In 2016 I found myself being diagnosed with Post Natal Depression in my son’s first year earth side, which for me, was a shock, and to be honest a diagnosis I wasn’t happy about. I’d practiced yoga and meditation for over 15 years, teaching for close to 3 years by the time my son arrived earth side, why couldn’t I weave my yogic teachings into my life as a mother? I’m an exercise physiologist, I’ve studied neurology, physiology, biology – I knew about the hormonal changes, physiology of pregnancy and birth and the neurology of the mama brain, but why didn’t that help me cope with it actually happening within my body? Working as a health and wellness coach and coordinator for years didn’t seem to really help either, I knew the importance of healthy eating and exercise but I had a lot more trouble than I expected looking after myself whilst looking after my son. Being a successful woman at work and at home I’d assumed I could translate this to motherhood, independently, without any help just as I would have previously. I now know (and am still learning) that there is a better way that we can prepare for motherhood and a better way to weave ourselves through motherhood, without loosing ourselves along the way. With the right help, we can evolve into the woman we knew we could be and I hope that these offerings bring to you what I’ve needed in my mothering journey.


Woman is the creator of the human race. She is the first Guru, the first guide and mentor of humanity…..Mothers are the ones who are most able to sow the seeds of love, universal kinship, and patience in the minds of human beings

Sri Mata Amritanadamayi